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2021 Marketing Catalog

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The last year has shifted our focus and redefined the way members experience their home. A home is now also a workplace, a school, a shelter, and more. The way members shop for homes will also change. They will look for spaces that fit their growing needs and goals. They are defining “the new meaning of home”.

Thank you for the opportunity to work closely with you in marketing home loans to your members! This feature allows you easily to plan your marketing strategy for the entire year.

Please choose one design per each quarter and specify which formats you would like them delivered via the order form at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your time, and we wish you much success with your marketing efforts this year!


For questions, please contact our marketing department. Matthew Matsumoto,

1st Quarter (January - March)

2021 designs2.jpg

Design 1A

2021 designs3.jpg

Design 1B

2021 designs4.jpg

Design 1C

2021 designs5.jpg

Design 1D

2nd Quarter (April - June)

2021 designs6.jpg

Design 2A

2021 designs7.jpg

Design 2B

2021 designs8.jpg
2021 designs9.jpg

Design 2C

Design 2D

3rd Quarter (July - September)

2021 designs10.jpg
2021 designs11.jpg
Select 2019 designs10.jpg
2021 designs12.jpg

Design 3A

Design 3B

Design 3C

2021 designs13.jpg

Design 3D

4th Quarter (October - December)

2021 designs14.jpg
2021 designs15.jpg
2021 designs16.jpg
2021 designs17.jpg

Design 4A

Design 4B

Design 4C

Design 4D

Non-Quarterly Awareness Pieces (Anytime of year)

2021 designs24.jpg
2021 designs25.jpg
2021 designs22.jpg
2021 designs23.jpg

California Down Payment Assistance

California Down Payment Assistance Teachers/Firefighters

Homebuyer Seminar

Did You Know? (Awareness)

2021 designs19.jpg
2021 designs20.jpg

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Seminar

2021 designs21.jpg

Reverse Mortgage Webinar

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