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Thanks very much for working with our clients. They are moving in next week and very excited. I appreciated all your help with guiding them through the first time buyer experience. Here's a photo of them and the children accepting their keys.

- Dale Wood, Realtor Consultant

Here are Casillas Family in front of their new home. They wanted a house on a cul-de-sac and in decent neighborhood and room for them to grow. This house was actually the 9th house we looked at. The wanted it from the moment we walked in. Thank you for making this possible for them and closing it on time. I really appreciate all your efforts and hard work. 

(Schools First Credit Union Member)


We would just like to thank you once again for all of your assistance from the very first day you called us. Here we are, less than 30 days later AND, we get our keys! It is enough to make our heads spin. This all took place over email, essentially, which is unbelievable. But here we are, all set to take ownership of our first home. Thank you again, we are so excited and grateful! We cannot wait to walk into our new home!

(Foothill Credit Union Members)

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