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Member Educational Marketing Catalog

Thank you for the opportunity to work closely with you in marketing home loans to your members! This feature allows you easily to plan your marketing strategy for the entire year. Please choose one design per each quarter and specify which formats you would like them delivered via the order form at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your time, and we wish you much success with your marketing efforts this year! For questions, please contact Business Development Executive, Jacque Thurman,

Introduction Packet (Purchases)

CMF_intro packet_purchases.jpg
CMF_intro packet_purchases_2.jpg
CMF_intro packet_purchases3.jpg
CMF_intro packet_purchases4.jpg

Intro Packet for Purchase Transactions    Effective 4/4/18  I  Revised 11/12/18   ID#INTROP

Introduction Packet (Refinances)

cmf_intro packet_refi.jpg
CMF_intro packet_purchases_2.jpg
cmf_intro packet_refi3.jpg
cmf_intro packet_refi4.jpg

Intro Packet for Purchase Transactions    Effective  4/4/18   I  Revised 11/12/18   ID#INTROR

"Did You Know" Awareness Pieces

5 Things Not to Do

cmf_did you know_green house.jpg

"Did You Know" 1 

 Effective 8/7/17  I  Revised 10/31/18


cmf_did you know_wood.jpg

"Did You Know"  2 

Effective 10/30/14   I  Revised 10/31/18


5 things not to do.jpg
cmf_did you know_2019.jpg

"Did You Know" 3 

Effective 11/12/18  I  Revised 11/12/18


5 Things Not to Do

Effective 7/27/16  I  Revised 11/7/18


Removing MI

What Loan Option is Right for the Member?

cmf_removing mortgage insurance.jpg
cmf_what loan option is right.jpg

Removing MI 

Effective  11/9/17   I  Revised 11/7/18


740 FICO Options 

Effective  8/7/12  I  Revised 11/13/18


cmf_what loan option is right2.jpg

660 FICO Options 

Effective  8/7/12   I  Revised 11/13/18


What to Do Now

cmf_home rewards.jpg
cmf_what to do now.jpg

What to Do Now

Effective 11/2/17  I  Revised 10/31/18


HomeRewards Savings 1

Effective 11/7/18  I  Revised 11/7/18



cmf_home rewards2.jpg
cmf_home rewards3.jpg

HomeRewards Savings 2

Effective  1/4/17  I  Revised 11/13/18


HomeRewards Savings 3

Effective 11/13/18  I  Revised 11/13/18


General Loan Product Overviews


Conventional vs. FHA

Effective 9/5/13   I  Revised 10/31/18


cmf_fha va loan facts.jpg

FHA vs. VA

Effective 2/12/15  I  Revised 10/31/18


cmf_loan product benefits.jpg

All Products

Effective 3/5/14  I  Revised 10/15/18


cmf_government loans.jpg

Government Loan Products

Effective 10/30/18  I  Revised 12/5/18


Information to Move Forward

7 Steps to Loan Process

cmf_info to move forward_english.jpg
cmf_we'll help you get your home
cmf_info to move forward_spanish.jpg


Effective 7/2/13  I  Revised 10/31/18



Effective 7/2/13   I  Revised 10/31/18



Effective  9/29/14  I  Revised 10/31/18


cmf_we'll help you get your home loan_re


Effective 9/29/14  I  Revised 10/31/18


24 Hour


cmf_24 hour preapprovals.jpg

24 Hour Pre-approvals

 Effective  5/22/17  I  Revised 10/31/18


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